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Magna MX-9 Spin 15 Ultra-Light Fishing Rod

Magna MX-9 Spin 15 Ultra-Light  Fishing Rod

Sensitive ultra-light fishing rod constructed of MX-9 anti-crack technology carbon light power and slow action 2 piece spinning fishing rod with SIC (Silicon / Carbon ceramic) guides and cork handle. The rod is suitable for fishing with small lures.

Play fish carefully and wear them down before attempting to land them, use reel drag system, patience is key when landing fish with ultra-light tackle.

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11430/1805' 10"237"6 Oz2 LbLight$58.04
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Balzer legendary carbon fiber fishing rods with anti-crack technology. The fact that the Magna rods are probably the most spectacular rod innovation in the past few years is clearly beyond doubt.

Magna MX-9 Fishing Rods

The rod blanks are the measure of all things and they simply cannot be optimized any further. The titanium SIC (Silicon-Carbon) guides inlays are absolutely state of the art and possess a much smoother surface. In addition, the guide joints are now sealed with epoxy varnish.

  • MX-9 Magna Carbon, ultra lightweight and ultra strong
  • Extra-slender titanium SIC guides, guide joints sealed with epoxy varnish
  • Fine natural cork handles
  • Ergonomic, ultra lightweight luxury reel seat
  • Strong precision put-in joints
  • Folding hook holder
  • P&S Fishing Tackle Store (www.psfishing.com) offers USA fishermen fishing tackle imported direct from Germany. Authorized dealer of Balzer in North America, company sells, provides warranty and repairs for the entire line of fishing tackle products manufactured by Balzer GmbH, Germany. Buy new European fishing tackle made by Balzer, perfect gift for avid fishermen.

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