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Cork Fishing Floats

Cork Fishing Floats

Extremely robust cork bobbers are very popular among fishermen. Note: Cork is a pure natural product, therefore buoyancy can differ up to 15% of the given in the table.

Item #PictureModelBody
15070/070ACork float Classic, sliding2 3/4"3/16 Oz$4.99
15078/030BCork float long1 1/4"1/30 Oz$2.92
15078/040BCork float long1 1/2"1/15 Oz$3.34
Item # 15078/040: only 6 left in stock.
15078/050BCork float long2"1/8 Oz$3.80
15078/060BCork float long2 1/4"1/4 Oz$4.03
15074/030CCork float1 3/16"3/16 Oz$3.06
15074/060CCork float2 1/2"5/8 Oz$5.50
15174/040DCork float with a cut1 1/2"3/8 Oz$5.59
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